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Mobile wedding DJ for Hi-Life Entertainment, our main DJ in Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeenshire

Mobile wedding DJ in Scotland.

Dan established our Scottish branch of Hi-Life in 2009. He is normally based in Edinburgh, but has been located in Aberdeen in recent months, travelling widely to DJ, covering weddings and parties in Glasgow, Fife, Stirling, Dundee, Dunblane, Banff, Elgin, Loch Lomond... the list is endless.

Dan is one of the most experienced DJs on the Hi-Life roster, having been a promoter south of the border, DJing alongside some of the greatest names in electronic music. He records under the name Don Lardy for the electronic sets.

He has a very diverse taste in music and a thorough knowledge of most genres, including folk, soul, reggae, disco, funk, hip-hop, rock, punk, indie, as well as most areas of contemporary electronic/dance music.

Once a booking is made through our office south of the border with Mark, Dan takes over with liaison over the music (via our Music Planner service) and set up at the venue.

Some recent events that Hi-Life mobile DJs have played in Scotland:

Up to date as of 26th June 2022

Mobile DJ hire in Scotland from from Edinburgh, including Glasgow, Stirlingshire, Aberdeen, Dundee